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Fallout 4 Remove Crafting Requirements NEW!

Displayed in the left panel are all available crafting recipes. Items displayed in White indicate that you meet all the requirements to craft the item. Items displayed in Red indicate that you do not meet one or more of the crafting requirements (Resources, Skill Level, etc.). The small icon to the right of each item displays the crafting skill used and the numerical value represents the minimum level required in the skill in order to craft the item.

Fallout 4 Remove Crafting Requirements

The bottom half of the Results Panel displays a slider indicating how many of the items you wish to craft with the current settings and is useful for mass crafting sessions. This section also lists the requirements which show up in Green if you meet them and in Red if you do not. At the very bottom, the Tax for the current crafting session is displayed. This tax will vary depending on what the Settlement's Governor has set for crafting in this territory. Also displayed is the amount of Skill XP gained from the crafting session. When ready, click the Craft button to create your item.

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