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Andrew Panfilov
Andrew Panfilov

Satan's Brew

This tropical, hazy IPA is low in bitterness and carries huge, hoppy flavours and aromas of mango, pineapple and white grape. In addition, a small amount of chillies added late in the brewing process brings a subtle heat that gently builds as the song crescendos.

Satan's Brew

Aslan Brewing Company is a local microbrewery committed to pushing the boundaries of craft beer while preserving the purity of brewing tradition. We only use the finest organic ingredients the Pacific Northwest has to offer, creating some of the cleanest and most unique brews in the market today. Truly delicious brew; Pride of the Organic Northwest.

Welcome to the third edition of this festival that spreads speciality coffee culture and creates a forum that gets behind the concept of this beverage, both nationally and internationally. The coffee fest takes place over three days in Espacio 88", with Thursday 11 and Friday 12 dedicated exclusively to industry professionals, with content for baristas, café owners, roasters and coffee enthusiasts. Saturday the 13th from 10am to 11pm is the bit that will likely most interest you if you're not in the industry, as it's a day that's open to the public and you'll find diverse workshops and chats not just about speciality coffee but also that focus on products that share processes and philosophy, like natural wines and craft beer. Even better, there's a beer tasting with Mikel Rius from the Barcelona Beer Festival, and an event featuring natural wines and coffees with Stefano Colombo from the restaurant Bar Brutal, and Marcos Bartolomé from Satan's Coffee Corner. Plus, all day you can get free coffee at the espresso and brew bars, and pick up some food made with local produce. 041b061a72


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