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Free download of TuneCable iMusic Converter 1.5.0 Multilingual, easily convert Apple Music and iTunes music

TuneCable iMusic Converter 1.5.0多语言版免费下载轻松转换Apple Music和iTunes音乐

你是否想要下载和转换Apple Music和iTunes音乐让你可以在任何设备和平台上无限制地播放你是否厌倦了Apple Music和iTunes音乐的加密保护让你无法自由地管理和分享你的音乐收藏你是否想要保留Apple Music和iTunes音乐的完整ID3标签让你可以更好地组织和分类你的音乐库如果你的答案是肯定的那么你一定要试试TuneCable iMusic Converter 1.5.0多语言版

TuneCable iMusic Converter 1.5.0 Multilingual

下載 Zip:

TuneCable iMusic Converter是一个专业的音乐转换器它可以帮助你不仅下载Apple Music为普通的MP3还可以转换M4A/M4B/AA/AAX有声读物iTunes M4P音乐为MP3WAVFLACAIFF或ALAC等格式它可以被用作一个全能的iTunes音频Apple Music和有声读物转换器

TuneCable iMusic Converter 1.5.0多语言版是TuneCable iMusic Converter最新的版本它支持英语法语德语日语等多种语言它还提供了以下强大的功能和优点

  • 100%原始质量批量转换Apple Music和iTunes音乐为本地文件不损失音频质量

  • 完整ID3标签从Apple Music和iTunes音乐下载各种音频文件保留完整的ID3标签

  • 多种格式转换Apple音频文件为MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC等多种格式

  • 灵活离线播放将转换后的Apple Music和iTunes音乐文件传输到任何设备进行离线播放

  • 转换本地音频文件将本地音频文件转换为MP3M4AFLACWAVAIFFOGG等格式

  • 上传和分享音乐将转换后的音乐文件上传到OneDrive或直接刻录到CD上进行分享

  • 支持Windows 11商店版的iTunes支持从Windows 11商店版的iTunes中下载和转换音频文件

TuneCable iMusic Converter 1.5.0多语言版是一个值得尝试的音乐转换器它可以让你轻松下载和转换Apple Music和iTunes音乐让你享受无限制的音乐转换和播放如果你想要免费下载TuneCable iMusic Converter 1.5.0多语言版请点击这里或这里你也可以在这里

TuneCable iMusic Converter 1.5.0多语言版不仅提供了强大的音乐转换功能还提供了一些独特的功能和优化让你的音乐体验更加完美和个性化以下是一些亮点

  • TuneCable iMusic Converter桌面TuneCable iMusic Converter桌面是一个定制的桌面环境它提供了一个简洁美观的界面让你可以快速访问常用的功能和设置它还提供了一些实用的小工具如音频编辑器音频播放器音频切割器等

  • TuneCable iMusic Converter游戏模式TuneCable iMusic Converter游戏模式是一个专为游戏玩家设计的功能它可以在运行游戏时自动优化系统的性能和稳定性关闭不必要的后台进程和服务释放更多的资源给游戏它还可以防止系统自动更新和弹出通知让你无干扰地享受游戏

  • TuneCable iMusic Converter隐私保护TuneCable iMusic Converter隐私保护是一个强大的功能它可以帮助你阻止Apple Music和iTunes音乐收集和发送你的个人数据它还可以禁用一些侵犯隐私的功能和组件如iCloudSiriHome Sharing等它还可以清理你的浏览器历史缓存Cookie等

TuneCable iMusic Converter 1.5.0多语言版是一个值得尝试的音乐转换器它可以让你轻松下载和转换Apple Music和iTunes音乐让你享受无限制的音乐转换和播放如果你对它感兴趣请立即免费下载并安装吧

TuneCable iMusic Converter 1.5.0 Multilingual not only provides a powerful music conversion function, but also provides some unique features and optimizations that make your music experience more perfect and personalized. Here are some highlights:

  • TuneCable iMusic Converter desktop: TuneCable iMusic Converter desktop is a customized desktop environment that provides a simple and beautiful interface that allows you to quickly access common functions and settings. It also provides some useful tools, such as audio editor, audio player, audio cutter, etc.

  • TuneCable iMusic Converter game mode: TuneCable iMusic Converter game mode is a feature designed for gamers, which can automatically optimize the system's performance and stability when running games, close unnecessary background processes and services, and release more resources to games. It can also prevent system automatic updates and pop-up notifications, so that you can enjoy the game without interruption.

  • TuneCable iMusic Converter privacy protection: TuneCable iMusic Converter privacy protection is a powerful feature that can help you block Apple Music and iTunes music from collecting and sending your personal data. It can also disable some privacy-invasive features and components, such as iCloud, Siri, Home Sharing, etc. It can also clean up your browser history, cache, cookies, etc.

TuneCable iMusic Converter 1.5.0 Multilingual is a music converter worth trying, it can help you easily download and convert Apple Music and iTunes music, let you enjoy unlimited music conversion and playback. If you are interested in it, please download and install it for free now! c5e3be4c90

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