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Ima Monster !!BETTER!!

IMa was the second monster battle organization to be created, and its domain covers Bubalook and its various islands. IMa stands for the International Monster Association and is known for their great pomp. IMa sponsors many famous breeders around the world and is definitely the most competitive of the Monster Associations.

Ima Monster

Later, IMa, FIMBA and AGIMA worked together to create a school where all of the organizations could intermingle and learn from each other, called the Elives School. Games that include IMa are: Monster Rancher 2 and Monster Rancher 4. IMa is also the monster association that Genki and Mocchi join in the anime series. IMa is headquartered in the IMa Tower, part of the Torble University campus.

IMa was created with the FIMBA model in mind. IMa has been concentrating its efforts on monster battles, and as a result, makes use of grueling Training Gadgets to strengthen their monsters more extensively than other organizations. Some monsters, unable to bear the relentless training, run away. In recent years, the increase in stray monsters has developed into a serious problem.-"Regarding IMa" MR4

Getting MonstersAuthorized IMa trainersChaille (from the shrine) gives this message when you have attempted to shrine a monster that is locked behind in-game events or accomplishments.I regret to tell you that...this rare monster can be generated only by an authorized IMa trainer.Please come again...If you see this message, You have attempted to create a monster that is locked behind such an event. This guide explains each event to unlock a given monster.Starting MonstersFrom the MarketThe following pure-breed monsters are available from the Market, with a 3rd monster that rotates out each season:: Mocchi, Zuum (All year)Suezo (Spring), Arrowhead (Summer), Hare (Fall), Gaboo (Winter)From the ShrineDespite their main breeds being initially locked, the following monsters as sub-breeds are available right away: Baku, Dragon, Henger, Gali, Golem, Worm.The following monster Main breeds do not have to be unlocked: Ape, Arrowhead, Colorpandora, Gaboo, Jell, Hare, Hopper, Kato, Mocchi, Monol, Naga, Pixie, Plant, Suezo, Tiger, and Zuum.Ranch UpgradesSome unlocks are gated behind your ranch upgrades. Which one(s) are needed will be specified under a given monster's unlock guide. You must be on the ranch one Week 4 of May to trigger the events (Be on ranch week 3 and rest/drill into week 4 etc.). Have at least 5k Gold + the upgrade cost or the event won't trigger (The game won't leave you with too little cash and risk a Game-Over)

Baku and Golem have the same requirements: Achieve Breeder Rank of 4 (You have beaten at least B Class official with any monster).You have already purchased the first House upgrade from Binto. If you have 17,000 G or more on May 4th, Binto will arrive again and upgrade your stable for 15,000 G. After this is done, Baku and Golem are unlocked.

Bajarl: Achieve Breeder Rank of 8 (Beat two of the Major 4 with any monster).You have already purchased the first three house upgrades and two stable upgrades from Binto. If you have 22,000 G on May 4th, Binto will arrive again and upgrade the house for the final fourth time. After this is done, you will be given the Magic PotCombine any two monsters with the Magic Pot to unlock/make a Bajarl.

Centaur: Achieve Breeder Rank of 4 (You have beaten at least B class official with any monster).You have finished the first expedition at Kawrea.Send a monster that is B Class or higher to the Heavy Errantry (Mandy Desert) between the months of March and August. If the monster is uninjured, it will return with a Spear. Your monster and the Centaur will fight (this will take an entire week so you will lose additional lifespan).There is no particular penalty for losing this fight- but it is not difficult.Combine any two monsters with the Spear in to unlock/make a Centaur.

Ghost: Allow a monster to die. Hold a funeral and build a shrine for it. 140 weeks later, if you have at least 8,000 G on March 3rd, you will be prompted to upgrade the shrine. Upgrade the Shrine.Another 140 weeks later, a similar event will occur on March 3rd if you have at least 13,000 G. Upgrade the Shrine for the second and final time.The following year on March 3rd, you will have a brief cut-scene and then receive the Stick.Combine any two monsters with the Stick to unlock/make a Ghost.

Niton and Undine have the same requirements: Achieve Breeder Rank 4 (You have beaten at least B Class official with any monster). Raise a Hopper to at least B Class, and have it on the ranch during the Winter months (December to February). Ensure that the Hopper has 0 fatigue and less than 30 stress at the start of a week (resting is mandatory). It will dig up Hot Springs and give you an unpleasant bit with Pabs. Afterwards you will receive the Undine Slate.Niton: When the Hot Springs cutscene is over, the Niton is quietly unlocked (no combination item or notice is given, it will simply be available at the Shrine now).Undine: Combine any two monsters with the Undine Slate to unlock/make an Undine.

Phoenix: Achieve Breeder Rank 1 (Have beaten E Class official with any monster).Attend the 1st Kawrea expedition (This is a one-time event and Requires a D Class or higher monster with 140+ LIF, 40+ Fame).Acquire the Fire Feather from the only searchable location Save prior to the 1st expedition and reset until you get the Fire Feather.Combine any two monsters with the Fire Feather to unlock/make a Phoenix.If you missed it on the one-time 1st Kawrea expedition event, the Fire Feather can also be found at the Phoenix Statue and Magma Tower during the regular/future Kawrea expeditionsRegular Kawrea requirements are higher than the 1st time visit: Requires a B Class or higher monster with 280+ LIF, 50+ Fame.The unlock requirements are the same.

Zilla: Achieve Breeder Rank 6 (You have beaten S Class official with any monster).You have upgraded the stable at least onceYou have completed the requirements to unlock the Niton and Undine.With the above met, Send a B Class or higher monster to the Hit Errantry (Torble Sea), you will be warned about a big water creature. Complete the Errantry and defeat the random encounter "Zilla King" to receive a "Zilla Beard"Like with Bighand, whether or not Zilla King will appear or not at the end of the errantry is random.Combine any two monsters with the Zilla Beard to unlock/make a Zilla.

Postscript: I made him read this article and he said "I don't think you're a monster!" and then told me I had to add this to the end of the article so everyone knows that he doesn't think I am a monster. He's wrong, but I appreciate it.

I've played games with my brother for years and we get super competitive. We have yelled at each other over a round of Smash and Mario Kart. I've played games with my partner and while I try to quell this demon... They figure it out and we go back to reading and other activities... I'm a monster too!

Lisa: I'm not a state, I'm a monster!Homer: No, Lisa. The only monster here is the gambling monster that has enslaved your mother! I call him Gamblor, and it's time to snatch your mother from his neon claws! 041b061a72


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