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[S4E12] The Long Goodbye

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[S4E12] The Long Goodbye

Before leaving for the bunker with Bellamy (who was not too happy about her crashing his Raven rescue mission), Clarke had a beautiful moment with her mother, the pair saying goodbye for what may very well be the last time.

Elliot wakes up in an abandoned lot following the explosion at the Washington Township plant, which is no longer there. He discovers the town is a thriving suburbia, where his mother and father, both alive, live. He finds out that his parents never abused him as a child, and that Darlene does not exist. He returns to the city, where he encounters Angela's parents, Emily and Phillip (the latter still being in Angela's life), who reveal to him that Elliot is marrying Angela the following day. He goes to the alternate Elliot's apartment and hacks his computer, discovering a hidden drive of sketches of himself, Darlene, and the rest of fsociety. The alternate Elliot returns home to find the original Elliot at his computer (as depicted at the end of the previous episode). Initially alarmed, the alternate Elliot explains that the sketches are of a persona he created that would lead an exciting life as a vigilante hacker, the very life the original Elliot lives. They touch, causing another earthquake, which severely injures the alternate Elliot. Alternate Elliot gets a call from Angela; hearing her for the first time since her death, the original Elliot decides that he can have the life he always wanted, and kills the alternate Elliot.

Dexter and Arthur find themselves on a collision course, as Debra unearths a shocking long-hidden truth, Rita admits her marriage to Dexter is troubled, and Batista and LaGuerta face the consequences of an ethics breach.

Meanwhile, back at the warehouse, Darryl is wiping Jim out in a table tennis game while Pam and Kelly watch. Kelly goes all trash talk on Pam, about how Pam's boyfriend "sucks" at ping pong, but Kelly calls it "talking smack." Pam gets ticked off and sets up a practice ping pong table in the conference room so she can get back at Kelly by way of Jim beating Darryl. She gets Kevin and then Dwight as "sparring partners" for Jim, but Dwight easily defeats Jim. Dwight reveals for the first time that he is a huge lifelong table tennis fan, and he reels off the names of immortals of the sport whom he idolizes. When the match finally comes, Jim has improved, but every time Darryl scores a point, Kelly verbally assaults his and Pam's ego. Finally, Pam has enough and challenges Kelly to a match. Both seem to be horrid at table tennis and aren't even able to bop the balls over the net. After a few rounds of this, Jim and Darryl are bored and traipse upstairs for the conference room ping-pong table.

Outside Ponyville, Pinkie Pie packs up her belongings and gets ready to leave. Her friends stop her and apologize for brushing her aside in favor of Cheese Sandwich. Pinkie apologizes in return for letting her pride get in the way of Rainbow Dash's party fun. As she acknowledges Cheese as the superior party pony, Rainbow and the others tell her that, as great of a guest party pony Cheese is, Pinkie Pie is Ponyville's permanent party pony and no one could ever take her place.

"What Time Is It Right Now"Season 4, episode 12AirdateSeptember 8, 2017Written byRaphael Bob-WaksbergDirected byTim RauchEpisode guidePreviousNextTime's ArrowThe Light Bulb SceneWhat Time Is It Right Now? is the twelfth and final episode of Season 4 of the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman, and the 48th episode of the show overall. It premiered September 8, 2017, along with the rest of Season 4.

Meanwhile, BoJack returns home after dropping Beatrice off at the retirement home and calls Hollyhock's home address. One of her fathers picks up the phone and angrily tells BoJack to never call their number again. Before he hangs up, BoJack tells him that his mother had been lacing the coffee, and also that Hollyhock hadn't done anything wrong. Still upset, the father abruptly tells BoJack goodbye and hangs up.

This causes him to have an epiphany and he rushes back home to search through Beatrice's remaining stuff. He finds a pink envelope which is the mail Hollyhock sent to her birth mother, Henrietta Platchkey, which has been returned to the sender because she no longer lives at the address on record.

While shocked at first, this angers Diane since she hates big gestures and she feels like her childhood dream is no longer "hers" also, there is paint on the furniture and fake books instead of real ones. This leads to another argument between the couple over Diane's independence chaffing on Mr. Peanutbutter's devotion who mentions that he doesn't want her to leave him as Katrina and Jessica did.

Derek says goodbye to Rose and stays at the nurses station with Mark, who asks what he sees in her. He guesses it's sex, but then figures out they haven't slept together yet. Derek says Rose is waiting until it's serious. She has morals, and anticipation is better than sex.

Scott is hypothermic and his bowels are swollen, so they need to get him stabilized in the ICU and get him back to the OR when he's less acidotic. That will give them time to deal with the puncture wounds and the lacerations. Alex and Cristina clash over who gets to do the stitches, but Bailey tells Alex that he can do it because Cristina has to update Hahn hourly. Cristina says that doesn't take longer than a minute, so she's got 59 other minutes to do sutures. Bailey allows them to both do suture. Richard remarks there's a lot of enthusiasm for sutures. Cristina says she loves the fundamentals, but Bailey informs him it's a point per suture.

Richard tells Jennifer and Phillip that Scott has died. Phillip starts laughing and Jennifer asks Meredith about the scan. She says the neurosurgeon is gonna come in soon, but Jennifer needs to know now. Meredith admits she was right about the tumor. Phillip has a malignant glioma, which causes strange behavior. They can't operate as it's too invasive. The tumor has been growing for a long time. Meredith says she's sorry. Phillip finally stops laughing and says he deserved that for killing his brother. He's crying now.

Izzie tells Otis that all the test results are negative. He asks about the tests that showed elevated levels of something. Izzie admits that these tests were nonspecific so they just indicated that he probably has a relatively minor flu. He can't believe he spent the entire day getting put through tests for the flu. Izzie says it seemed like there something more. Izzie knows it's hard to see the silver lining here, but she tells him to think about the discoveries he made today about himself, his life, and his ex-wife. Otis screams his ex-wife was a castrating bitch and he only missed her today because if they were still together, she would have shot him a long time ago and then he wouldn't have been in the hospital all day. Izzie says she didn't mean to put him through all this. He demands his prescription so he can finally get out of here. Izzie says the flu doesn't respond to antibiotics so she suggests plenty of fluids and rest. He starts screaming angrily. She repeats she's sorry multiple times and walks off.

Janeway entreats Seven to join the festivities, suggesting she starts by joining a discussion. Hearing Ensign Wildman discussing Naomi's rapid growth (due to her Ktarian genes) with The Doctor, Seven informs them that Borg children develop in maturation chambers. Somewhat taken aback, Wildman excuses herself and talks with Neelix telling him that Naomi has missed him for the last few days. Desperate to leave the party, Neelix decides to pay her a visit and tuck her into bed. Naomi again insists on a tale of the Great Forest as she dreamed about it the previous night, and Neelix tells her of its beauty but does do dishearteningly now that he no longer believes in it.

Juliet goes to the train station to meet Scott Seaver, her college boyfriend. They had planned to meet there exactly seven years after they said goodbye, but he never shows up. At first dejected, she quickly becomes curious as to why he didn't turn up. She starts to use police resources to track him down, but Karen puts a stop to that before she can find anything. She sees Gus at the station, and asks for his help - but with the proviso that he must keep Shawn out of it. With everything that's happened between them, it would be weird. Gus agrees and goes back to the Psych office, where Shawn immediately figures out he's doing something behind his back. Gus has to admit he's finding someone for Juliet, but doesn't let him know Scott was Juliet's ex-boyfriend, claiming he is simply a missing person case. The next day, an elated Shawn tells Juliet he found her missing person and he's dead. A distraught Juliet runs out of the room, and Gus must admit to Shawn who Scott really is. A guilty Shawn then decides to look deeper into what happened to Scott to give Juliet some answers. He and Henry get the police report on Scott's fatal accident and find many inconsistencies. Shawn and Gus then rope Lassiter into the investigation, who tells them that Scott used to work at a legitimate business front for the mobster J.T. Waring, who is currently incarcerated. Scott must have gotten in over his head and was taken out. They need to know more about Scott, so Shawn surreptitiously asks Juliet to tell him more about her old flame. Juliet raves about Scott, making Shawn a little jealous, but she also tells him about a rare figurine collection Scott had. He broke up the set and gave her the Dumbo because he knew she loved it.

Back at the police station, Juliet says goodbye to Scott as Wayne takes him back into custody. Shawn asks Vick why Wayne is so invested in the case and she tells them that the dead agent was Wayne's partner. Looking out Vick's window at Wayne and Scott departing, Shawn notices tree sap on Wayne's hands, the same sap that got on Shawn when he was climbing the tree. Wayne took the bullet, and Wayne is the one who killed the agent. Shawn, then, gets on his motorcycle and chases after Wayne before he makes Scott disappear for good. He catches up to them and tells Wayne he knows the truth, that the shooting was an accident, a result of the chaos of the raid. But he saw an opportunity to pin it on Waring, and send him away for good, something the government had since been unable to do. Finally, he hid Scott in witness protection to wrap up the loose ends. Wayne, who originally tried to avoid killing to cover up his mistake, realizes his only way out now is to get rid of them both. After Wayne cold-cocks Scott, Shawn manages to knock Wayne's gun under the car. Shawn and Wayne engage in a lengthy fight. Wayne breaks free and gets to his gun to shoot Shawn, but Scott regains consciousness just in time to strike Wayne with a metal pole, rendering him unconscious. The cops arrive, and Lassiter arrests Wayne. With Scott now safe, he no longer needs to go back into protective custody, but he and Juliet know the timing still isn't right for them. So they say goodbye, agreeing to meet back there in a year. 041b061a72


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