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Musashi The Dream Of The Last Samurai 2009 Torrent !FREE!

aside from the blatant and simple fact that Musashi is not at all in any sense of any word 'the last samurai', the dream of riding (on horseback) with dual-swords is a summation of Musashi's ideals throughout his entire life, and the central focus of this documentary film, and not to mention a direct quote from Musashi's own "book of five rings".

musashi the dream of the last samurai 2009 torrent

Our last night was at Ako, famous for its castle and its lord who was ordered to commit suicide after a breach of protocol at Edo Castle (the shogun's residence) in Tokyo in 1701. Forty-seven of his samurai took revenge on the lord who had provoked the protocol breach. The incident, romanticized, has been told in novels, plays, and films. The ruins of Ako castle are one of the town's main tourist attractions.

The next morning, we checked out of the hotel and went west for a drive around the Oga peninsula. On the way, we stopped at the Ōyu stone circles, a Jōmon archaeological site just south of the lake. The last time we were there in 2005, we arrived in the early morning from Aomori; I was amazed that we had found the site using road maps from the internet, with little knowledge of roads or driving in Japan. The stone circles are from a time before classical Japanese culture developed in Nara and Kyōto and spread north; from another world, they seem dream-like.


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