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How to do a Sparkler Send Off

A lot of weddings lately have wanted to do a sparkler send off. Not only is it cute and fun for guests, but it makes for some amazing photos as well! Today we are talking everything you need to know about how to pull off a sparkler send off.

1. Make sure your venue allows it!

Not all venue's allow you to use sparklers on their property. Other venues may have some stipulations on where or when you may use them. For example, must be so many feet from the building, etc.

2. Schedule it with your photographer and all vendors is advance.

Most importantly is to talk to your photographer about what you are envisioning. Location, time of day, and what photo's you want will all play a part to when to schedule it in to the day. You don't have to do it at the end of the night as an actual send off. In fact, most of the time they are not at the end of the night because your photographers are gone by then. We would suggest right before or after the first dances. This way it may be getting darker outside, people hopefully haven't drank too much yet, and all the vendors who need to be involved are still there. And finally after you have it all settled and planned, be sure to add it to you day of timeline and give to all your other vendors. Your DJ should know when it is happening, videographer, day of coordinator, etc.

3. You don't have to use all your guests.

While you can have all your guests leave the venue to do the sparkler send off, it works just as well to have the wedding party, immediate family, and any other close friends/family who would like to join. The pictures turn out just as great, but eliminates some of the time and chaos to get everyone outside and light all the sparklers.

4. Everyone should have two sparklers.

Everyone who is participating in the sparkler send off should be given 2 sparklers and told to stand in 2 lines. Have someone in charge of sparklers - they should be all taken out of packages ahead of time, then I like to put them in a large vase or bucket until it is time. That way you can easily and quickly give each line a stack and say take 2 and pass them on. If most people have 2 sparklers, it looks more full in photos.

5. Don't light the sparklers until everyone is lined up and the photographers are ready.

Have a couple of people (photographers, day of coordinators, or anyone else) to have lighters and be ready to light when the photographers say to. It is faster and easier if once you get one lit, for others to be lit off of the first. So, it goes quickly when people start helping light other sparklers from theirs.

6. Get the extra long sparklers!

You can order long sparklers between 20 and 36 inches that last for up to a couple minutes. This helps to give you more time for photos and to get all of the sparklers lit. But it also will help with photos, the longer the sparkler, the more space you'll have to create an aisle and be able to get better photos of the send off! Also this helps if one of you is pretty tall - no ducking to get through!

7. Go back and forth more than once.

Usually the sparklers will last for a couple of minutes. So you should be able to do some photos walking towards the camera, then back away from the camera, and then back again. You should also be able to stop and kiss for a few photos as well.

8. Have somewhere for the sparklers to go after.

The sparklers will be warm after use, have a bucket or something for them to go into after so guests are not throwing them all over the ground. This will make for easier and faster clean up, plus something you don't have to worry about someone getting burned or melting a garbage can!

What you'll need:

- extra long sparklers (2 per guest you'd like included in send off)

- 3-5 long lighters

- Bucket to hold sparklers (can fill with sand or water to dispose when done)


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