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Deceiver For Xfer Serum WAV MIDI FXP

Deceiver for Xfer Serum WAV MIDI FXP

Deceiver is a collection of presets, wavetables, and MIDI files for Xfer Serum, a powerful wavetable synthesizer. Deceiver is designed to help you create dark, aggressive, and distorted sounds for genres such as dubstep, trap, hybrid, and cinematic. Whether you need heavy basses, screeching leads, atmospheric pads, or cinematic effects, Deceiver has you covered.

Deceiver contains 100 presets for Serum, each with four macro controls for easy tweaking and customization. You can also use the included 50 wavetables to create your own sounds or modify the existing presets. Deceiver also comes with 50 MIDI files that you can use as inspiration or as a starting point for your own melodies and chords.

Download Zip:

Deceiver is compatible with Serum version 1.214 or higher. You can download Deceiver from SoundCloud [here] or [here]. You can also listen to some demos of Deceiver on SoundCloud [here] or [here].

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful sound pack for Serum, Deceiver is a great choice. Deceiver will help you create stunning tracks that will impress your listeners and stand out from the crowd.


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