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My Dell laptop is experiencing the old problem of the power adapter failing to be recognized by the computer. I know for a fact it is just a break in the data cable in the line, because if I position it just right, the cable is recognized and the computer stops throttling the CPU to 20%. Is there any way that this can be disabled, so that I don't have the fiddle with my power cord every time I plug the computer in?

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I've done some investigation into this and found that there's probably no good way to prevent recent Dell laptops from throttling the CPU when it doesn't detect an OEM AC adapter (or one with a broken data pin.)

My guess is that perhaps the BIOS is designed to send false motherboard temperature readings to the CPU when a non-OEM adapter is detected, causing it to throttle. It seems Dell was very serious about locking you in to OEM adapters when they designed this system.

Edit: I found a utility that will allow you to disable the unknown adapter throttling, under Windows at least (I don't know yet if the utility will work under Linux, or if there is something similar.) ThrottleStop has a checkbox called "BD PROCHOT" which causes the CPU core voltage and multiplier to reset to normal when disabled. Apparently this is a "2 way signal path to the CPU. It allows other components in a laptop like the motherboard or GPU to send a signal to the CPU which tricks the CPU into thinking it is too hot", confirming that the way this "feature" is implemented by the BIOS is through sending this signal to the CPU when an unknown AC adapter is detected.

While WiFi is convenient for laptops and cell phones, if you work from a Dell desktop computer, it can be difficult to get online without the proper built-in WiFi adapters. You may need to find a way to add a WiFi connection to your desktop PC. To connect to WiFi for desktop computers, follow the steps below.

Now that the drivers for your external wireless adapter have been installed, your desktop should treat your wireless adapter as the primary internet connection. You should be able to easily connect to your wireless network connection as you would on any other device with a wireless adapter.

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Next, a custom PCB was made with two Dell DC jacks and an MSP430. This passes power through the board, but uses the MSP430 to send fake data to the computer. The demo shows off a 90 W adapter pretending to run at 65 W. With this working, you could power the laptop from any supply that can meet the requirements for current and voltage.

So the 85(?)W adapter starts at 16V, and as the current draw increases it ramps up the voltage, so that the power loss over the cable decreases (more voltage = less current for the same power, and less current at the same cable resistance = less power loss).

good one, hmmm only if it was made on atmega8 :) i have lots if them and none of msp430 :) and i have two options :D option 1. make on atmega or option 2, get some msp430 :D By the way my dell boots with non genuine charger but refuses to charge battery :)

I have also read that the Dell supply adapter includes the Dallas Semiconductor ID chip, DS-2501. It is very common for smart battery devices to include these. The source said that the power cable plug (the end that plugs into the side of the laptop) has a center pin (it does) and that center pin is the One-Wire connection point.. sometimes they break. My own problem is a result of a pet that had a chewing compulsion. The cable was chewed into at several points. I did some cheesy repairs and moved on. Now I have to move the cable just-so until the Dell laptop allows a battery charge. I will need to reopen the repaired regions of the cable and repair the bad connections again.

A truly smart power system will poll the amount of power available from the source, then modulate the charge current fed to the battery with the inverse of the power drawn by the system itself, in order to maintain a constant power load on the charger. To ignore the available power number and charge as fast as the battery wanted would draw too much current from the adapter and possibly damage it (or at least cause it to drop out from its thermal or overcurrent protection). To ignore the available power number and charge at a safe level such that the adapter can never be damaged could add hours to the charge time and leave the full capacity of the adapter underutilized most of the time. Only by knowing the limits of the system can the charge circuitry most efficiently utilize the power it is provided.

The way many Lenovo laptops do it is probably the best. They have an ID system to determine if the adapter is 60, 90 or 120W, if there is no communication the computer will treat the adapter as a 60W one. This means the computer will run and charge on any 20V source with the right physical adapter, but the top power machines may be limited in maximum performance and charging may be slowed down.

its here , unfortunately, or at least an attempt at it. A good one at that ! A four page explanation of some fairly esoteric electronics communications work using a system called 1 wire. This is happening because that center pin, the really small one, has a special digital signal on it which essentially makes ONLY the dell power supplies work .Damn them !

It is possible that your laptop battery cannot be charged because you are using a surge protector. It can affect the functionality of the adapter. Try powering off your laptop and connecting the AC adapter directly to a wall socket. Then start your laptop and see if the problem resolves.

The issue may result from the faulty AC adapter you are using. You can test your laptop battery with another AC adapter and see if it can charge your battery. If the new AC adapter works for you, you should have the original one replaced.

The Ethernet controller and adapter market achieved strong double-digit growth year-over-year in 3Q 2022. Vendors are able to command higher prices, which contributed to topline growth. Furthermore, the supply constraints that have limited shipments in the prior quarters have been improving. However, demand is starting to soften in some sectors, with the server vendors reducing inventory levels of certain products." 041b061a72


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