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5 Things to Plan for When Planning Your Wedding Desserts

Arguably one of the best parts of going to a wedding... the dessert! Weather you decide on cake, cupcakes, donuts, cookies, bars, ice cream, cheesecake, the options are truly endless! Your guests will likely be happy either way. But just because you have decided and ordered the desserts, doesn't mean the planning is done there!

First, you need to plan how they are getting to the venue. Is someone picking them up, are they being delivered, or are they provided by the venue or caterer?

Tip: Once you know who and when is delivering them, add that information to you day of timeline!

Second, where are the desserts going to be stored until dinner time? Do they need to be refrigerated? Does the venue have space to store them? Or can they be stored on or under the dessert table?

Third, who will set out, cut, or serve the desserts? This may be a caterer, venue, day of coordinator, the bakery that delivered, or someone you appoint to do so. What's important is that you have a plan ahead of time.

Tip: Also have a time planned when you want them set out and add that to your final timeline as well.

Fourth, who busses or clears tables from the dessert from the guest tables when they are done. It is a lot more common for people to serve themselves dessert and since this is after dinner and the tables may have been cleared already by your caterer, you need to establish if there is someone to go around later and clear any remaining dessert plates, napkins, cupcake wrappers, forks, etc.

And lastly, if there are any leftovers, you should have a plan for those too. Are you keeping part of your cake for your anniversary? If so, you should have a plan for someone to pack that up sooner than later so no one cuts in to it or touches it. Then for the cake and any other leftover desserts, make sure you know who is taking those at the end of the night or if you may store them in the venue refrigerator overnight.

Crossing those questions off your planning checklist will definitely help things to go even smoother on your wedding day and one less thing for someone to have to drag you off the dance floor to ask you about!

Photo by Morgan Maxine Photography


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