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3 Essential Elements to Include in Your Wedding Day Timeline

One of my favorite details of planning a wedding is the wedding day timeline. That's because it can be one of the most important things you ever do when wedding planning. I mean think about it, the work you put in the timeline before the wedding day is going to reduce the stress and chaos on the wedding day. That means more mimosas and memories for you! When everyone knows where they need to be and what is going on, while there are still going to be those that may need a reminder, this significantly reduces the questions you'll be getting asked while trying to get your makeup done and falling behind on pictures because your mother in law thought they started later.

While you may have your basics included in your wedding timeline already, I thought I would share a few other details that get overlooked for those of you who are detailed oriented and want it all thought out ahead of time.

1. Lunch

Photo by Anne Noel Photography

On your wedding day, time seems to fly by faster than ever. With all the excitement and preparations, it's easy to forget to nourish yourself properly. That's why scheduling a dedicated time for lunch is essential. While this may seem like an obvious, you would be surprised by how many people overlook this and end up scrambling to get something or don't eat. The wedding day is a long day from hair and makeup starting as early as 7 or 8am to the reception ending by midnight. You are going to need food to give you energy to last through the night. Also, you don't need anyone fainting or having any issues throughout the day - so food and water are a must! Lastly, you will most likely be drinking into the evening and sometimes starting earlier than you usually would, make sure you have some food in your system so you and the most important people in your day can make it through the night too.

The best option for this is to ask your caterer or venue if you are getting ready on site what they recommend or if they have any lunch options. A lot of weddings will order sandwiches and have someone in charge or picking them up and delivering them to both the Bride and Groom's spaces so the full wedding party and any family members can be sure to have time to eat them before pictures and things start to get even busier.

2. Bustling the Dress

Photo by Scott Bacon Photography

Another what seems to be minor detail, can sometimes take a little bit of time. Adding this in to the timeline will give you a time to step away with your mom or maid of honor or someone who can bustle it. Bustling involves securing the train or layers of fabric to the back of the dress, allowing you to move more easily during the reception or when transitioning from the ceremony to the reception. That way dances, cake cutting, or dinner isn't delayed because you forgot about when you would do this. This is also a great time to relax for a minute, have some water, take in a moment with your new husband or wife and those helping you with the dress.

Pro Tip: Practice it once before the wedding day too. There are a few different types of bustles and the bigger the train or gown, the more complicated or timely they tend to be.

3. Sunset

Photo by Tonya Hjort Photography

Yes, I include the sunset in the wedding day timeline! Now, there are definitely times when we don't need it, but a lot of couples want to get those golden hour photos and that is where that time can become pretty important! When the sunset and dinner or dances are too close together, this can be where you feel the stress of time. So, to avoid that, we plan ahead! Golden Hour is considered to be the hour before and the hour after the sunsets. I think the sweet spot is just before sunset, but talk with your photographer, they will know best for their shooting style, the venue, and how much time it generally takes them.

Adding that into the timeline helps the vendors, friends, and family members to all know that is the plan and try to help keep things on track. This is also another great option for you and your new spouse to spend a few minutes soaking in the day and having a few moments to yourselves.

Your wedding day timeline sets the stage for a seamless and unforgettable celebration. By including key elements such as lunch, bustling the dress, and sunset, you ensure that not only are your basic needs met but also that you create cherished moments to savor throughout the day. My biggest hope is that scheduling these things in will help you to be able to do the work to lay out the day before hand so it's smooth sailing and you don't have to worry or stress about a thing on your wedding day! Keeping the wedding what it is all about - you and your loved ones celebrating and making beautiful memories!

All of our packages include helping you to create the perfect timeline for your wedding day! Send us a message if you are interested in getting some help in putting together the timeline for your big day!


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