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Wedding Music Checklist

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When we start thinking about music for our wedding, we of course think of walking down the aisle and the first dance.. but did you know there are a lot of other places throughout the day that you need to plan music for!

It can be a little overwhelming to think of all of the times and places you need to have covered with music throughout the day, so we've created a checklist to help you to plan for every moment.

- Prelude

While guests arrive for the ceremony, you should plan 30-60 minutes of music.

- Processional

You should have 1-3 songs to walk down the aisle to. One for the wedding party and

one for the bride is the most popular, but you can make it your own!

- Music During Ceremony (if any)

Sometimes couples like to have a song in the ceremony. Sometimes music during the

unity ceremony is a good idea to fill the time when no one is speaking. Other traditions

or religions may have parts of the ceremony that include music.

- Recessional

One song that the wedding party exits the ceremony to.

- Postlude

As guests exit the ceremony and go through the receiving line, it's good to have about

15-30 minutes of music planned.

- Social Hour

This can be house music from your venue, a musician, or your DJ, but it is good to

have something planned to set the mood and not have awkward silence here.

- Grand Entrance

Usually 1-2 songs to introduce the wedding party into the reception. However, you

may chose to have up to one song per couple.

- Dinner

Plan for at least an hour of music during dinner, quiet enough that people can still

talk. The music will go until speeches, but may need to resume after speeches until the

first dance.

- First Dance

A song for the couple to dance to as their first dance is usually thought about a lot.

Some couples chose to shorten the song a little bit, because 3 minutes can get a little

long when you are dancing in front of everyone.

- Father/Daughter Dance

- Mother/Son Dance

Both parent dances are one song each but some may want to shorten the song here

as well.

- Any other special or planned dances

Any other dances with family, dollar dances, who has been married longest dance,

maybe someone is doing a choreographed dance, or even just the first song to get the

wedding party out on the dance floor - just have these songs picked out.

- Any slideshows/videos

If you have any slideshows or videos you'll need to decide the music for them and also

make sure the sound works through the video or if you need your DJ/Band to play the


- The actual dance

You will usually work with you DJ or Band to plan what songs and types of music you

will want played at the dance. It's important to consider your guests and what they will

like as well. You can approve your DJ to take requests from guests as well.

Music throughout your day can change the whole vibe of your day. It can change the feel of the room, make people feel more relaxed, give your event a more luxurious feel. And it's something you can do within budget, it doesn't have to cost a lot or be super complicated. Just a little time for planning and you're all set! You can download the checklist for your own use right here:

Wedding Music Checklist (1)
Download PDF • 178KB


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