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You're a Bridesmaid! Now what?

Congratulations, you've been chosen as a bridesmaid! It's a special honor to stand by your friend or family member's side on their wedding day. But what exactly does being a bridesmaid entail? From planning parties to providing emotional support, this guide will walk you through your duties, responsibilities, and expectations as a bridesmaid. So, let's dive in and get ready to be the best bridesmaid ever!

A group of girls sitting on a vintage couch outside of a white and blue barn. A bride is in the center with a white robe and surrounded by all her bridesmaids in light pink robes.

Photo by Innate Light Photography

Emotional Support: One of the most important responsibilities of a bridesmaid is providing emotional support. Be there for the bride as a trusted confidant, offering a listening ear, and providing encouragement throughout the wedding planning process. Planning a wedding can be stressful and your presence and support will mean the world to her.

Assisting the Maid of Honor: Collaborate with the Maid of Honor and lend a helping hand as needed. Attend prenuptial events, such as bridal showers, bachelorette party, and any other events, to celebrate the bride-to-be. Consider hosting or co-hosting a party or shower if you're interested and able to do so.

Accompanying the Bride: Assist the bride with errands, appointments, and any necessary wedding-related tasks. This may include dress shopping, DIY projects, and could even be things like nail appointments or setting up décor for the wedding.

Attending Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner: As a bridesmaid, you are expected to attend the wedding rehearsal. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the ceremony logistics and ensure a seamless processional and recessional. Additionally, join the couple and their families for the rehearsal dinner to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Wedding Day Preparations: Arrive promptly at the dressing site on the morning of the wedding to assist with loading anything in to the bridal suite and then begin getting ready for the day. Be on time for your hair and makeup. Have everything you need for the entire day with you and try to keep your things and the space as neat and tidy as possible. The venue may have rules around when food and drink needs to be out of the bridal suite or when all your personal belonging must be out, be prepared to have your things gathered and removed and help with the Bride's things or any other bags, coolers, etc. that are left behind. Your attention to detail and support will ensure that the bride feels confident, prepared, and calm for her special day.

Active Participation in Wedding Events: Throughout the wedding day, actively participate in key moments. Be prompt and accessible for the wedding party photos. Walk in the processional and recessional with grace and poise. You'll also be part of the grand entrance into the reception and will want to have a fun entrance planned with the groomsmen you walk in with. Depending on the couple's preferences, you may also be asked to participate in the receiving line, gather guests for the first dance, speeches, and bouquet toss. If you're single, consider joining in the bouquet toss yourself too.

Financial Responsibilities: As a bridesmaid, you are responsible for paying for your own wedding attire including shoes and accessories, any prewedding festivities or parties that require travel, food, or outings, travel expenses for the wedding weekend such as hotel, airfare, transportation, etc. and hair and makeup on the wedding day. You may also need to pay for your own drinks at the wedding, depending on the type of bar the couple has set up for their big day. Plan and budget accordingly to fulfill these financial obligations or have an open conversation with the bride to know what her expectations and plans are for her wedding and the months leading up to it.

Being a bridesmaid is an exciting and fulfilling role but does have some responsibility with it as well. By understanding your duties as a bridesmaid, you'll be an invaluable support throughout the wedding planning process and on the big day itself. Going into the bridesmaid position knowing what to expect may also relieve some stress or prevent any conflicts throughout the wedding planning process. So, get ready to make lasting memories, celebrate love, and have the best times with a friend who loves you enough to call you her bridesmaid!


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