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Wedding Terms to Know: Ceremony Edition

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If you have not planned or been super involved in a wedding before, then some of the terms wedding professionals use might sound foreign to you! Or maybe they sound familiar but you're not 100% sure you are on the same page with what they are talking about.

To make things clear and easy for you, I've created a little cheat sheet here. But this time it's all about the wedding ceremony. Here's some of the top words you should know:

Prelude: This is often time more about the music. This would be the music played while guests are arriving and finding their seats. This would be just before anyone starts walking down the aisle.

Processional: This is the part of the wedding where the wedding party walks down the aisle to begin the ceremony.

Recessional: This is after the ceremony when the wedding party exits and walks back down the aisle.

Postlude: Just as with the prelude, this is just the opposite. It usually refers to the music being played as guests exit the ceremony.

And there you have it! These should help you when planning your ceremony timeline, music for the ceremony, and when you are chatting with vendors, now you'll know without a doubt what they are referring to!

Below you can save, print, or share the cheat sheet to have it just when you need it!

Wedding Terms to Know Ceremony Blog
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