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6 Items to have Ready for you Photographer on the Wedding Day

6 Items to Have Ready for your Photographer on Your Wedding Day

I'm sure you've heard it before, your wedding day can be a whirlwind day! It goes so fast and no matter how prepared you are or how hard you try, you won't remember every detail. One way to be sure to capture these memories of some of the smaller parts of the day is have your photographer take pictures of all of the little details.

We suggest you have a little bag ready to go with these 6 things on the morning of the wedding. That way, when your photographer arrives she can start to get those photos right away before moving on to the schedule for the day.

Here are the things you may want to have ready for photos:

1. The Rings!

One of the most significant pieces of the day but having photos of them is such a special way to remember your wedding day.

2. Invitations

Although it is something you will probably save, having a photo of the invitations will ensure you still have those memories for your great-grandchildren.

3. Shoes

Your wedding shoes are not photographed or seen much throughout the day, this is a great opportunity to show them off and remember them forever.

4.The Wedding Dress

Now this is not something you will put in a bag, but having that ready to photograph on a cute hanger will guarantee great shots of the dress before you put it on.

5. Flowers

Once the flowers arrive, it's nice to have photos of the bouquets, boutonniere, corsages, etc. They won't last forever, but a picture will.

6. Jewelry and Accessories

The other wedding day accessories such as jewelry. These are also little things you'll want to remember and cherish from your most special day. Along with any other wedding day accessories such as the garter, veil, hair piece or flower crown.

Here are a few things you should have ready to be photographed when your photographer arrives. Make a plan with your photographer of the things you'd like captures on the big day to be sure there's time for everything and nothing that you were wanting gets missed.


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