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What is a Day of Coordinator and Why Do You Need One?

A day of coordinator is not the first vendor on most newly engaged couple's list to find. It has only recently started gaining popularity. Of course most know about wedding planners but either can't afford or do not feel the need for one. Day of Coordinating is where those two come together.

A day of coordinator is a wedding or event planner who will be there just at the tail end of your wedding planning process and then, of course, on the actual day of your event.

So, what exactly does a day of coordinator do? That can vary by each company or planner. Generally, it is someone to be there for the entire day of your event to ensure everything runs smoothly, stays on time, and goes as planned (or as closely to planned as possible). Sometimes things come up on the day of. In the event that something does, who is in charge? Do you want to be dealing with vendors coming and going? Do you want your family members in charge? Are they going to be reliable or will there be added stress and drama? Personally, anyone who is attending an event I am hosting, I want those guests to be just that - a guest! I want them to enjoy the day and have all the hard work and money I have put into planning this event be worth it for everyone to enjoy.

Why a Professional and Not a Friend?

Another bonus of hiring help instead of asking a friend, co-worker, etc. is that they do this often. They are familiar with all logistics of events and vendors, etc. Their experience should ease your mind more than if your friend decides to help and is not sure on where the officiant should be prior to the ceremony or just the logistics of how an event runs. If another guest gets out of hand or needs to be told they are cut off, wouldn't you prefer someone not related to you in anyway is telling them versus someone known in the family. That can get messy,

A day of coordinator knows exactly how you want your centerpieces set up. Where the flowers should go when they arrive. What time the DJ should be there to set up and where he should set up. She can confirm guest lists, special dietary meals, ensure there is a high chair set up where they are needed so no one is trying to track one down during dinner. All of those little details that you may have forgotten or your family might not know to think of as well, your day of coordinator has already got it covered.

Some coordinators will provide set up or take down of your event space. Some offer other packages with just those services available, too. Have you ever been to a wedding who didn't have any one in charge of their take down. DJ stops at midnight and you have until 12:30am to be all out of there, so you and all of your family and friends are trying to gather and organize everything and get it into vehicles after a night of drinking. Not fun for you or them. Having hired someone to do this job instead will not only be sure everything is done on time but also that everything will be organized for you when you go to sort through it later.

With wedding venues doing more weddings and giving less time to set up and take down, day of coordinators are becoming less of a luxury and more of necessity. We believe everyone deserves to have a day of coordinator to fully enjoy and experience their wedding day after all the planning that they have put into.

To see what is included in our day of coordinating package, you can click here.


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